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Yoga and CrossFit?

Yes, that’s right! Yoga and CrossFit are a perfect pair. You may be thinking, isn’t yoga
just stretching? Well…it’s so much more than “just stretching.” Yoga, specifically
vinyasa yoga, links the breath with movement. Vinyasa yoga will help you work towards
breath control, body awareness, strength, balance and flexibility. Now think about
CrossFit. You need these for every CrossFit movement. Try doing a deadlift without
strength, or an overhead squat without flexibility and balance. Balance is needed for
every move, whether you know it or not. And to take it one step further, you can apply
yoga to your every day life! The best part of yoga is learning to let go of expectations,
let go of competition (healthy competition is OK), letting go of judgement and staying
present in the moment on and off the mat. So come on, give it a try. You won’t regret it.
See you on the mat!

Class Descriptions

Power Flow
A vinyasa flow practice that links the breath with movement. Focus is on continuous
movement that promotes strength, stamina, balance and flexibility. Expect to sweat and
leave feeling accomplished and motivated.

Sunrise Flow
This class will be vinyasa flow (links breath with movement) based class but with the
added benefit of poses to compliment a CrossFitter’s WOD. Focus is on alignment and
poses to promote flexibility. Come for a great stretch and leave feeling relaxed and
ready to tackle the day.

Yoga classes will be FREE to all members of One / Gym!

Classes start next Wednesday, April 16th at 7:30PM and will be taught by our very own Meredith Magnini!