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Each week our group classes consist of a high energy, fun & innovative blend of high intensity intervals, strength focused resistance training, functional cross-training and aesthetic focused resistance training. Get in great shape while looking and feeling your best!

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Get your workout in no matter what! One / Gym offers 24 Hour Open Gym Access. Gain Access to our fully equipped gym at any time of the day!



While group classes can be fun and high energy, there is no substitute for the coaching and attention to detail that you get in a 1-on-1 training environment. Personal training is the ideal way to learn the skills necessary to excel in group classes, or for individuals who have very specific goals, or injuries/limitations that require additional attention beyond the group setting. We start all of our personal training clients with a full-body movement assessment, and an overall fitness assessment. From there we build out a program that is custom to you.


One / Gym Virtual

Our group classes or personal training will take care of you for the hour you spend here with us, but who is looking after you during those other 23 hours of the day? Leading a healthy lifestyle is so much more than just spending one hour in the gym every day.

One/Gym Virtual is your hub for all things health & fitness and support from our team! 

We offer One/Gym online programming for at-home, at the gym and other gyms that want an extremely effective program for their members! We offer two tracks that cater to people on the go with limited time, and for those that have access to a fully equipped gym. Both tracks showcase our unique and innovative approach to workout programming, and will for sure put you in the best shape of your life!

One/Gym Virtual also gives you access to our custom personal nutrition/lifestyle plan that will give you the direction and accountability you need to lose that last 20 lbs, train for your first Spartan Race, or decrease stress in your life. Create your own custom nutrition/lifestyle plan based around carb cycling, our carb cycling scheduler, our custom macros calculator that you will not find anywhere else, and our awesome lineup of weekly workouts that can be completed at the gym or from your own home!

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One / Compete

If you want to compete in the sport of fitness, this is your program. One / Compete is our all encompassing competitor program that consists of weekly personalized group programming, technical analysis and movement breakdown, personal accountability through our interactive online coaching app, in-person coaching and private Facebook group.

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