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Teams of 4

Part A:
6 Minute AMRAP
Tire Flips
*2 partners flip from one side, 2 other partners flip back.

Part B:
6 Minute AMRAP
1 Burpee Jump Over (Partner In Plank)
2 Burpee Jump Over (Partner In Plank)
3 Burpee Jump Over (Partner In Plank)
*Partner A holds High plank position, Partner B performs 1 burpee then jumps over planking partner, then they switch and Partner B holds plank while Partner A performs 1 burpee over partner.

Part C:
6 Minute AMRAP
Rope Climbs
*Perform as many rope climbs as possible in 6:00 in alternating fashion.

Part D:
500 m Assault Bike
Max rep Row Calories
Max rep Double Unders
*3 teammates working at once, while one rests.