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The One / Gym Summer Swolestice Workouts


The One / Gym Summer Swolestice Workouts

The first WoD of the 2015 One / Gym Summer Swolestice Games is:

P1-Rowing(cal) P2-SDLHP
0-:30 :30-1:00
1:00-2:00 2:00-3:00
3:00-4:30 4:30-6:00
6:00-8:00 8:00-10:00

P1-SDLHP P2-Row(cal)
10:00-12:00 12:00-14:00
14:00-15:30 15:30-17:00
17:00-18:00 18:00-19:00
19:00-19:30 19:30-20:00

SDLHP wgt. = 
50% Body Wgt men (with a max of 115lb)
35% Body Wgt women (with a max of 65lb.)

You will be weighed the day of comp

The second WoD of the 2015 One / Gym Summer Swolestice Games is:

Each athlete will have 7 minutes to hit a THREE REP MAX on 2 of the 4 lifts listed below:

Squat clean (strict touch and go)
Hang Power Snatch
Thruster (can be taken off the rack)
Jerk (any style/ can be taken off the rack)

-NO MORE than 5 seconds in any stationary position between reps – this will count as a failed attempt
-Athlete must be at the end range of motion BEFORE their alloted 7 minute time block is up or the lift doesn’t count (not finishing rep 3 at 7:01)
– Athlete 1 and 2 are the only people allowed to touch the bar/weights during the event (athlete 2 can help athlete 1 swap weight, help re-rack missed lifts etc.).
– Each athlete may perform any two lifts they like in any order the want, but ATHLETES MUST PERFORM ALL 4 LIFTS 
-Athlete 1 will go, then athlete 2, then 1 again and finally 2 on the last lift.
-Scoring will be as follows: The three rep max weight/ your body weight. The results for the two lifts each athlete performs will be added together for a total team event score. the highest score will win the event.
-The first athlete lifting will have 5 minutes to warm up before their first lift.


0:00-7:00 Athlete one weighs 180 and hits a three rep max on a squat clean of 235. His score is 1.31 (rounded to 2 places)

7:00-14:00 Athlete two weighs 140 and hits a three rep max of 125 on the jerk. Her score is 0.89

14:00-21:00 Athlete 1 goes again and hits a hang power snatch tripple at 135. His score is 0.75 (135/180)

21:00-28:00 Athlete 2 bangs out three solid thrusters at 145lb and gets a score of 1.04 (145/140)

Team Awesome gets a combined event score of 3.99 (1.31+0.89+0.75+1.04)

We will cover specific movement standards before the event. Remember Gang, Its an 80’s / Super hero themed Event smile emoticon
If you don’t have something to wear you’re running out of time To make it happen!

The third WoD of the 2015 One / Gym Summer Swolestice Games is:


5 rounds for time
Each round is made up of 2 couplets

Couplet 1: 
63 Double Unders or 105 singles
200m Burden Run (20/14)

Couplet 2: 
21 Box Jumps or Step Ups
21 kettle bell swings (53/35)

-Each athlete will be responsible for completing one exercise from each couplet each round

-All reps must be completed in each couplet before moving on to the next couplet

-Each athlete must complete all the reps of their exercise on their own (i.e. Both athletes can’t do kb swings in the same round)

-Athletes DO NOT have to do the same exercises each round

-On the jump rope, if you usually do double unders / singles in WODs , that’s what you’ll be expect to do Saturday. Same with box jumps / step ups.

-If you do step ups you MUST step down

I will cover movement standards before the event. If you have questions please ask them here, and I will try to clarify.