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12106944_10153147240041198_2404979469102972277_nNovember “Get To Know Our Athletes”

Hard work and dedication truly pay off, and our November Member, Alexis Derrigo, is a clear example of that, and she always does it with a smile and great attitude! Read below to learn a little more about Alexis!



Age: 21
CrossFitting Since: February 2015
Usual Class time: 4:30 PM

1) Where is your hometown?
Mannsville, NY (it’s about 45 minutes north of Syracuse)

2) What do you do for a living?
I’m a student at UB, majoring in psychology and biology. When I’m not at school, I bartend at Goodfellos (a restaurant near my hometown)

3) Do you have any children/pets? If so, what kind/how many?
No children. I have a beta fish named Murph, we’ll see how long I can keep him alive for before becoming responsible for any other living things.

4) What is your favorite movement in CrossFit? Least favorite?
Favorite – front squats
Least favorite – thrusters

5) What are your hobbies outside of CFA?
Well I like cooking and baking. Also, I have danced since I was like 3-ish, so I still do that in my free time.

6) What would you like to get out of CrossFit long-term?
Just to gain health and fitness.

7) Fun Fact about you!
I want to be a neurosurgeon when I grow up